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Trendy Sunglasses That Sport This Season

Trendy Sunglasses That Sport This Season

Trendy sunglasses that sport this season


Hey, are you ready to face the summer with new sunglasses? The last few months have been so gloomy that everyone is prepared to enjoy the summer days with the right gear and the latest new shades. You would not like to miss even a single day of summer outside, and sunglasses are the best accessories that you can have.

It would be best if you bought the latest sunglasses. 

Sunglasses have been around for decades now. The shades are the most personalized accessories that you can get. All the items like clothes and perfumes or sunscreen can be bought easily. But sunglasses add a special aura to the personality. So, you have to buy the best sunglasses that suit you. Honestly, a pair of shades can transform your personality and make you the coolest amongst the crowd. Just visit our store Earth Eyewear for more information. 

Also, technology has developed so much now. You can get your favorite pair of shades in a new color and with the best lenses. These lenses will protect against UV light and a broad spectrum of eye problems.

Polarized and anti-reflective glasses can be added to make the shades more useful. You can customize these with the fame that suits your face. Do not try to save money, and buy cheap sunglasses instead buy the best sunglasses as this is all about your eye care. 

  • Fashionable shades 
  • We do hope that you already know what shape and size suit your face. Then go on and read about the trending shades this summer. Designers and style icons have updated some of the old classic styles and created some new ones for the coming months. Here is our take on these. 

  • Classic cat-eye shape glasses
  • Fashions keep changing according to the prevailing sentiments in society. The first design that we think will make heads turn is the classic cat-eye shape glasses. The shape is modified to a narrower frame to appeal to the young generation. It is more pointed at ends and will make you look downright catty. The unique style from the 50s is back with a meow. This style came back last year, and this year, it will be more popular, being used by celebrities ever so often in public. The size is larger, though. 

  • Skinny sunglasses 
  • Skinny sunglasses may confuse people about the real protection these provide. But new technology and the latest UV protection mechanism, the small and skinny sunglasses are as good as any other pair. 

    The style has changed from the 90’s look to darker lenses and modern silhouettes. You may also find skinny sunglasses in an oval shape. 

  • Mirrored lens
  • If you want to stand out in the crowd of people, then the mirrored lens is the style to choose. These may look a little flashy, but who cares? You can select a pair of classy and stylish sunglasses with reflective lenses. No- one can see your eyes, and you can stay cool without revealing your inner emotions. If you have blonde hair, then you can choose blue-colored lenses. Otherwise, gold finishing suits all color palettes. 

  • Transparent Glasses
  • These may look transparent but do have the essential features of UV blocking in place. These are statement pieces, and you can select the color that you like. Transparent with bright frames, these give edgy a new definition. At the other end of the spectrum from the mirrored glasses, these also come in vintage shapes. The glasses will reflect the confidence that you have in wearing these shades.

  • Gold frames
  • This year has been seeing a liking for metal, particularly gold. Yellow gold frames are becoming more popular. You can choose a wavy frame, patterns or any shape, but gold is the favorite color of people now. 

    Geometrical designs are also coming back into fashion. Rectangular or square frames, the predominant common feature is that the frames are made of gold. Oversized metal frames– help you make a bold style statement. 

  • Retro-style sunglasses
  • Round sunglasses have been around for years. These retro-style sunglasses are popular as both men and women can wear these with the same elan. Choose one if you think it suits your face and personality. On the other hand, some of the style icons are also flaunting their square glasses.

  • Aviators
  • Coming to the most popular trend ever in sunglasses, the Aviators, these are eternal favorites of people. This can never go out of fashion. The years have seen some minor changes in their shape and size. The latest fashion trends have not fiddled with any of that. The only difference that we can see in these glasses is in the lens colors. Young people also love the new different colors of aviators, with mirrored lenses.

  • Colored plastic shades
  • According to fashion grapevines, many are opting for colored plastic shades. These were popular in the 80s and 90s but are back with a bang. Their stylish colored designs appeal to people’s quirky side. You can match the color with other accessories and create a tremendous impact. 

    Continuing the same trend, you can choose translucent frames and lenses of the same color. Or nude frames with colored or tinted lenses, both have a similar effect on people.  

  • White plastic glasses
  • A very popular trend this year is that of white plastic glasses. Even the big brands have either launched or are launching these glasses. This is the next big thing to hit the red carpet and popularity charts. The demand is already very high. The white plastic frames with black lenses create a refreshing look for the summer. This is another classic style that will not go out of style soon.

    • Embellished sunglasses frames

    Embellished sunglasses frames make for a style trend. Huge glasses with crystals and colored stones and patterns are trendy amongst women. The advantage is that it becomes a part of an accessory that matches your clothes and can be matched with other jewelry too. 


    We have researched and come up with the best sunglasses that are popular this year. You can easily choose the one that suits your style and shape of the face. We can say one thing that sunglasses are not just accessories anymore. It would be best if you regularly use them to prevent harm to the eyes and skin. A little style would add to your charm and smartness. Be trendy and cool with the right shades.