Lifetime Accident Protection

Ok we get it, you buy a premium pair of sunglasses and then before you know it you leave them in your back pocket or throw them in with your keys and your new shades are ruined; In fact, 55% of Americans either lose or break their sunglasses within a year, that's why all of our sunglasses at Earth Eyewear come with a lifetime accident protection plan, so you can spend less time worrying about losing your new shades and more time soaking in the sun ☀️

Coverage details:

  • Any pair of sunglasses ordered from Earth Eyewear are eligible
  • Our lifetime accident protection plan grants you 50% off a replacement pair with no limit on the number of replacements
  • The replacement discount is only valid for a replacement of the same pair and lens color of sunglasses, if the pair in question is out of stock the customer may receive the replacement discount on any pair of sunglasses on our website
  • Sunglasses that are damaged do not need to be returned to us
  • Please contact us so that we can verify your initial purchase and provide you with a 50% off discount code