Here at Earth Eye Wear doing good is something that has always come naturally, and in fact, its something that we take a lot of pride in. We are a brand built around people and the planet, and we want to give back to those communities in any way that we can. The well being of the earth is our primary focus as a brand, we believe that our planet needs to be treated with care and respect, and our actions reflect this core value; now not many brands can say that now can they?

National Wildlife Organization

  • A portion of our proceeds are donated to the National Wildlife Organization, just one small way we can give back to the planet in a not so small gesture. We are so committed to the planet and the environment that we want to make sure that we are giving back to the earth more than we are taking from it.

     Handmade Shades

    • Earth Eye Wear sells a variety of handmade wood sunglasses through the Bobo Bird collection, support designers, and artists from across the world by buying a pair of our premium wood sunglasses.

    Planting Trees

    • We are committed to helping the environment, that's why whenever you buy a pair of sunglasses from us, five trees are planted; helping us replant the earth one tree at a time. 


    Brooklyn Made Company

    • Earth Eye Wear is a Brooklyn grown company, that is where we plan to stay. When you buy a pair of handcrafted wood sunglasses from us, you can be confident that your money is staying in your community and your economy, where it belongs.